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Frequently Asked Questions

1. The Space Race
1.1 The Mercury Project
1.1.1 What were the goals of the Mercury Project?
1.1.2 Who were the "Mercury Seven"?
1.1.3 Who was the first American in space?
1.2 The Gemini Program
1.2.1 What were the goals of the Gemini Program?
1.2.2 Which astronauts were selected for the Gemini Program?
1.3 The Apollo Program
1.3.1 What were the goals of the Apollo Program?
2. About
2.1 Who created this website? Is it affiliated with NASA?
2.2 Why doesn't this website have any information about the Soviet space program?
2.3 How can I report errors to the webmaster?
2.4 Can I link to the site or it's content from another site?